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I am a web developer, open source enthusiast and hobbyist photographer. I studied electrical engineering at graduate level and then branched into software development.

I'm passionate about clean code, usability, UX and programming in general. My favorite programming languages are C# and Python. I have been working on web development using .NET, C# and MVC for the most part. I used to dabble in Python. I still do. But I used to, too. These days I am making mostly bad experiments with Django.

I enjoy capturing still life, urban landscapes, and available nature around me. I use a Nikon D40 mostly with a 35mm prime. You can see my old captures on flickr.

I spend quite an amount of time reading books. At the moment, the book that captivated me the most is 'The Wind-up Bird Chronicle' by Haruki Murakami. I have also enjoyed the writings of Gabriel García Márquez, George Orwell, and Cormac McCarthy.

I love finding electronic music, sometimes really obscure ones, and cooking, once in a blue moon.

Here's what I am doing currently.


This blog is a learning log of various things I find interesting. I blog mostly for selfish reasons. I needed a way to keep track of my experiences with software development and the overall journey. A blog is a perfect place for such an exercise.

If some content of mine helps another soul out there, I would be nothing less than happy about it. I believe that blogging is a two way communication, so I welcome your thoughts. Feel free to contact me via email. You can also reach me on twitter.

This blog is built with Lektor and hosted on gitlab pages.




A work in progress page is available at /code.