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Moving my blog to Lektor

Moved to a static blog finally!

Last year I decided it was time to move to a static blog.

At the time, I had already two blogs — one on blogger for 4 years and the other on tumblr for 9 years.

The tumblr blog was started as a distraction in a low point of my life. I spent a good amount of time discovering great stuff including, but not limited to, photography, programming and humor. What started as a distraction remained one and I never was able to use that plaform to be productive while discovering all that stuff. So at some point, I got a blogger blog.

Over the last four years (2012 - 2016), I wrote about 40 posts on the blogger blog and removed most of them. The removed posts were just unremarkable stuff in the hindsight. Most of the posts that remained did not have good content. They were okay. The plans I published on what I wanted to do, which are now removed, didn't work mostly because of my goal-oriented approach. I decided to move toward a systems-oriented approach to achieve consistency and continuity in my plans. One other thing that helped me was that blogger was uninspiring and unmodern. Though better, Wordpress fell in the same bucket for me.

The other option was to build a static blog.

I evaluated several static site/blog generators and shortlisted Pelican, Urubu, Nikola and Lektor. I went with Lektor as it felt the most simple. It also helped that gitlab had support for Lektor.

So, thanks to gitlab pages and Lektor, I have a new home for my blogging activities. Over the next few months, I will keep busy with the following activities:

  1. Importing select posts from previous blogs
  2. Enhancing Lektor's functionalities.

These are the unordered and unprioritized list of todos for this blog at the moment.

  1. post drafts
  2. post series
  3. recent / related posts
  4. introduce webpack
  5. rss feed
    Jan 15 2017
  6. tags
    Aug 02 2017