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code and kaizen

I'm Animesh Bulusu.

Fullstack .NET dev by day. Django dev by night.

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Jan 23 2012
A crunchbang experience

How I got started with Crunchbang Linux, a Debian derived Linux distribution

Jan 6 2012
Get the relative path of a file in SQLCMD Mode in SSMS

SQLCMD stuff

Dec 31 2011
2012 in review

var x = 2012; ++x;

Jul 4 2011
Useful PowerShell one-liners and short scripts

Various ps one-liners

Jun 18 2011
Unclutter your desktop with PowerShell

Organize loose files on your desktop

May 29 2011
ORIGINAL_LOGIN vs SYSTEM_USER for audit purposes in SQL Server

sql server login audit

Mar 26 2011
Using PowerShell and robocopy to move files

The robocopy way

Dec 31 2010
2011 in review