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Label: Linux

Linux is a family of free and open-source software operating systems built around the Linux kernel.

When I add this label to a post, I almost always mean Debian linux.


  1. Build a Linux CLI app with .NET Core

    Create a basic command line application with .NET Core on Linux

  2. EF Core code-first with Postgres on Linux

    connect to Postgres from .NET Core application using EF Core on Linux

  3. Install .NET Core on Debian Testing

    Install .NET Core on Linux

  4. Installing Mono 3 on Debian

    An attempt at installing Mono on Linux

  5. A crunchbang experience : One year later

    A quick review of Crunchbang Linux

  6. RMS score

    How free are you?

  7. A crunchbang experience

    How I got started with Crunchbang Linux, a Debian derived Linux distribution

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