Tested with Jessie and Buster.

Remove older versions of .NET Core

sudo rm -rf dotnet
sudo rm -rf /usr/local/bin/dotnet 
rm -rf .dotnet/
rm -rf .templateengine/
rm -rf .nuget/
rm -rf dotnet.tar.gz
sudo updatedb

Install current version (old method)

Change the version as needed

curl -sSL -o dotnet.tar.gz https://aka.ms/dotnet-sdk-2.0.0-linux-x64
mkdir -p ~/dotnet && tar zxf dotnet.tar.gz -C ~/dotnet
export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/dotnet
dotnet --version

Install current version (new method)

  1. Go to the .NET Core download page at https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download

  2. Click the button that says "Install .NET Core SDK". If you don't find that button, just know that you need to install .NET Core SDK.

  3. Select your Linux distribution and follow the instructions on the page.

Since I am on Debian Testing, I select Debian 9. Right from the beginning of .NET Core, I have always installed it on a Debian Testing machine and I have never faced any issue as such.

For Debian 9, I get these instructions.

Once the installation is completed, run the dotnet --version command on the terminal and check out the output.

dotnet --version

If you see a version number, you are good to go.