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  1. dwm



[Shift]+[Mod]+[Enter]   - launch terminal.

[Mod]+[b]               - show/hide bar.
[Mod]+[p]               - open dmenu, a minimal launcher
[Mod]+[Enter]           - toggles windows between master and stack.

[Shift]+[Mod]+[2]       - to move window to the 2 tag.
[Shift]+[Mod]+[0]       - make focused window appear on all tags.
[Mod]+[2]               - moves your focus to tag 2.

[Shift]+[Mod]+[c]       - to kill a window.
[Shift]+[Mod]+[q]       - to quit dwm cleanly.

Layout Modes

[Mod]+[t]               - tiled mode. []=
[Mod]+[f]               - floating mode. ><>
[Mod]+[m]               - monocle mode. [M]


[Mod]+[R M B]           - to resize the floating window.
[Mod]+[L M B]           - to move the floating window around.
[Mod]+[Space]           - to change the layout into floating mode.
[Mod]+[Shift]+[Space]   - to make an individual window float.
[Mod]+[M M B]           - to make an individual window un-float.

R M B = Right Mouse Button
L M B = Left Mouse Button
M M B = Middle Mouse Button